What are you going to do with all those bright white walls?

Bring your living space to life with dramatic colours and exciting finishes.

What I offer

Colour Advice

This begins in your home. I'll look around before suggesting anything because your home is unique. Walls, doors, ceilings and character features must be thought about. I'll consider colours and finishes; you'll let me know about mood and function. Does it need paint, wallpaper, or something utterly unique and personal? I'll email my ideas after the visit.

Design and Decoration

If we go ahead it will be me who does the work. I don't farm work out, except for electrics or plumbing. I never delegate.

Unique Picture Walls

My wall art ideas are based on years of experience. My layouts integrate paintings, mirrors, photographs and other media. Your space becomes intensely personal. It's all about you and your family.

What my clients say

Colour is everything. Start with a wall.


For any questions or more information, please feel free to get in touch.
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